ART ANYWHERE: The RiverArts Experience

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The 3rd Annual Haverstraw RiverArts Festival: A Creative’s Dream Come True

So this card technically said to draw a memory from an exhibition…but the 2016 Haverstraw RiverArts Festival was more than just an outdoor art exhibition. There was live music, community projects, and food and artisan booths…basically it was a creative-of-any-age’s summer sanctuary!

Well either way, here is the card and my memory:


One of the art installations was a sculptural adaptation of a triptych stained glass window. Artists Kerri Lee Green and Eileen Leith weaved twine throughout the window’s empty wooden frame, collected sea glass and ceramic fragments from the Hudson River, remnants of the old Haverstraw Brick town. The two artists added fastenings to them, creating pieces for viewers to adorn the frame with.


Kerri Lee Green and Eileen Leith Sculpture pieces

As you place a shard of sea glass onto the string, you can’t help but peer through the “cracks” to look at the River and all of its glory. If you are looking from the other side of the frame, you see the hundreds of people laughing and enjoying the festival.


Kerri Lee Green and Eileen Leith Sculpture

The Haverstraw RiverArts Festival was held in Haverstraw, a small New York town caught in a giant hug between the Hudson River and High Tor Mountain.

There were other amazing interactive artworks that brought the cultural landscape of Haverstraw to life. From recycled sculptures to “Haverstraw Brick Man,” the creative vibes were in full bloom that Saturday, making it a summer day to remember.


“Haverstraw Brick Man” Sculpture by John Murray 

I was fortunate enough to volunteer with Karen and be a part of the Community Tile Project. The Project was a mural in the making, and brought together Haverstraw residents of all ages. The idea was you took two ceramic tiles, and you painted on them, creating either two smaller images, or one large image. The theme of the project was ‘Ships Along the Hudson River.’


Piece of the Community Tile Project, created by a Haverstraw Resident during the RiverArts Fesitval

The results were FANTASTIC. Some people drew delicately, with a steady hand, and others passionately threw blobs of black sails onto the tiles. Helping and working on art projects with children was a dream for me.


Haverstraw Resident Painting during the Community Tile Project

After volunteering, I sat with my friend who had spent the day with me, and we ate burgers and hotdogs from the Filing Station. We sat on a park bench and I took a moment to appreciate all that was around me. All the time and effort that was required behind the scene of this massively successful production. I smiled as relish almost fell on my red pants (then I stopped smiling for a second, but I got over it).

We took the rest of the day and walked around the park to see all the artisan booths, and to of course take some fancy pictures by the water. We went by the gazebo and admired the late Ted Ludwiczak’s “Hedrik” head sculpture. His works were stunning.


Brick Sculpture by Jack Burger, Patricia Catanzaro and Paula Madawick

As the festival came to a close, we strolled over to an after party and enjoyed the rising moon accompanied by tasty wine and fine pizza. Needless to say it was the end of a pretty awesome day.


Emeline Park, Haverstraw, N.Y.

The festival is an important memory for me, because not only does it represent good music, good art and good times J, but it also allowed me to meet so many wonderful people in Haverstraw! I had just moved into Rockland County, and was still new to the area (I still am, so if anyone has an recommendations for artsy places, please let me know), so being able to design little posters here and there, and volunteer was a dream come true! Thank you for a wonderfully art-filled experience Haverstraw!

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