ART ANYWHERE: The RiverArts Experience

The 2016 Haverstraw RiverArts Festival was more than just an outdoor art exhibition. There was live music, community projects, and food and artisan booths…basically it was a creative-of-any-age's summer sanctuary!


The Inktober 2016 Experience

Have you ever had that moment where you just want to draw something and see what happens? Maybe, you’ve been thinking creatively, but just haven’t picked up that pencil in a while to actually draw. That’s how I was feeling in September, and I wanted that to change.

Beginner’s Tips: Inking on a Budget

One of the hardest parts about making art is paying for the materials. Here are some tips and tricks to help you manage your budget and create some wonderful ink drawings!


ART ANYWHERE: The Cooper Hewitt Experience

SEE art, COLLECT art, and ACCESS the art on your own time! The Cooper Hewitt Experience!


What is the Art Anywhere Project?

75 Art Prompts to Guide your Creative Journey!


8 Reasons Why You Should Study Art

From improving networking skills to building a house, find out why YOU should study art!